Valentine crafts and ideas

Vinicius Fujii:SXC.huAs those with kids know all too well, or anyone who was once a kid can probably remember, a child measures his life by counting down from one glorious holiday until the next. And even though I am not at all a fan of Valentine’s Day, since I have children I feel it is my duty to exude excitement for all the holidays we celebrate in this country. So imagine my excitement when I came across a couple of Valentine ideas and crafts that made me genuinely happy to celebrate this silly holiday.
 I stumbled upon this clever idea at  Juggling With Kids for homemade Valentine cards for children. It looks like a relatively easy project and requires only a camera, printer, X-Acto knife and lollipops. Snap a picture of your child holding his arm out with his hand in a fist, print the picture, make 2 small slits at the top and bottom of the fist to insert the lollipop. You can even edit the photo on a computer before printing to add a customized Valentine’s message to your 3-D cards. Although my kids have already signed their boring store-bought cards for their friends this year, I am excited about this idea and may seriously try it out next year.
Teach Preschool is one of my favorite resources for creative, inexpensive, and educational crafts and activities for preschoolers. Stocked full of fun learning opportunities and exercises for kids, the site thoroughly explains every activity making each very easy to replicate at home. (I tried her M&M painting project with my boys a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit.) In this post, Deborah explains how kids can turn a plain paper sack into a Valentine-themed goody bag by using a little paint and a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. First, push the roll in the center until it forms a heart shape, then add a piece of tape to keep the heart shape from popping out. Dip the end into paint and stamp it on the bag.

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