This house is clean.

It has been about a week since a gut-wrenching stomach bug began its’ torturous descent on our house, claiming one innocent casuality at a time. Today I am happy to say (in my best Tangina from Poltergeist voice): “This house is clean.” Every surface wiped, scrubbed, disinfected, vacuumed, and mopped. Every pillowcase, sheet, blanket, mattress cover, and piece of clothing washed in the hottest hot water with extra detergent just to make sure those nasty germs are gone. Now, I have the windows open in the hopes to rid our house of any lingering sick germs.

It is a crisp 63 degrees and windy outside. This is not cold by most standards, but considering I carry a hoodie wherever I go to ensure I am not cold (even in the brutally hot Houston summers), this is freezing to me. It may as well be 32 degrees outside; it would make virtually no difference to me. So as I sit wearing my super fluffy slipper-socks, velour hoodie over my long-sleeved t-shirt, and my legs wrapped in a fleece blanket, I look out of the 3 large, open windows in front of my computer monitor and breathe in the cool air. My nose is cold. I consider donning some gloves to warm my fingers as I type. I am thankful we are all well again and I am enjoying the scent of fresh air blowing throughout the house. I just hope I don’t end up with a cold.



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