Spring has sprung

Hayden suggested we make scrambled eggs out of our new friends.

Not sure about everywhere else, but around here spring has already begun.  We had an extremely mild winter, even by Houston standards, leading to this early seasonal change. That’s my scientific guess, anyway. There’s new growth on my crepe myrtle, my azaleas are in bloom, and I was even surprised to find, nestled in the top of my winter door wreath, a small bird’s nest housing 3 tiny eggs. So although spring has sprung, my front door is still stuck in winter-mode. This is all well and good for now, but I am already dreading the intensely hot summer I fear we will have, as well as the accompanying outrageous electricity bills.

So, with the encouragement of the chirping birds, blue skies, and fabulous sunshiny days, we decided to begin work once again in the vegetable garden that Hayden insisted we build last year. After removing weeds, adding soil, and thoroughly mixing the new stuff with the old, we formed our rows. We added a couple of tomato plants, 2 rows of green bean seeds, a green pepper, red pepper, and jalapeno pepper plant, along with some strawberry plants and cucumber seeds. We still plan to add a couple more tomatoes and a watermelon plant or two at the opposite end of the garden, but this’ll do for now.

We planted this a few weeks ago; it actually happened to be the weekend that H came down with the gut-wrenching stomach bug (that I didn’t realize was a bug at first), so he wasn’t up for helping with any of it. I had purchased the plants a few days earlier so we needed to get them in the ground that weekend. He wasn’t too bummed about not helping since he felt so bad and I figure I’ll let him plant the new tomato plants and watermelon plants (his fave anyway) when I can find them.

Anyway, in typical Hayden fashion, he has already made a new suggestion for this year: composting. It started a couple of weeks ago. After he finishes eating anything, he brings me the remaining scraps on his plate–a banana peel, apple core, potato chips–and enthusiastically says, “Hey, we should compost this! It would be great for our garden!” I have no clue where this idea sprouted, maybe school I guess, and I have no earthly idea how to go about doing this. But, as with the rest of his ideas, since it is an earth-loving educational experience I guess I’ll do some research and maybe give it a try.

On a side note, I began writing this yesterday (only to be interrupted a bazillion times by the kids and finally giving up on it) and came back to it today. The skies are a depressing gray, there has been a constant drizzle, and the high was 55. I hope our garden makes it, otherwise H might have more planting to do than he thinks.


2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

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