St. Patrick’s Day playlist essentials

In the post about my annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I suggested including some irish music to accompany your feast. I’m not talking about putting Danny Boy or When Irish Eyes are Smiling on repeat during your meal (though these MUST be included in your playlist on St. Patty’s Day), but instead selecting a great mix of non-folk-type music by incredible irish musicians. If you are among the many (myself included) addicted to Pandora and its’ vast array of station genres, I suggest choosing the St. Patrick’s Day Radio station or The Irish Experience for an easy, no-fail St. Patty’s soundtrack. For anyone looking for a personally customized playlist, including songs by any of these popular artists will add authentic irish ambiance to the celebration since they all hail from the Emerald Isle.

Van Morrison
The Cranberries
The Corrs
The Chieftains
Elvis Costello
Sinead O’Connor
The Wolf Tones
The Irish Tenors
The Dubliners

Check out The Holiday Spot  or St. Patrick’s Day Party for free downloads of a few fun St. Patrick’s Day tunes. And to get you in the St. Patrick’s spirit, enjoy this traditional irish folk song performed by a great irishman.

4 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day playlist essentials

  1. We like Gaelic Storm’s Cabbage over here. Not all songs are suited for five-year-old ears as the band sings a lot of songs about drinking, but the husband and I find it to be great fun to listen to after hours.

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