Fun Easter crafts for kids

With Easter fast approaching, my kids have started asking about the Easter bunny’s upcoming visit and when the many egg hunts they will take part in will occur. I’ve begun my search to add some holiday-related projects for the kids to complete, in addition to our standard egg dying routine. The options are immense, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few unique projects I think my boys will enjoy. Check out the links for helpful step-by-step pictures of each project.

Handprint Lilies (–this is a great site with activities for every holiday and is where I found the first 3 projects)
Instead of buying an Easter lily this year, why not make your own lilies? This simple project will keep even the youngest crafter entertained. Have your child color (or paint) craft sticks with a green marker, as well as masking tape (before it’s unrolled). Next, use a pencil to trace your child’s hand on white paper before carefully cutting it out. Finally, wrap the handprint around a craft stick and secure with a piece of green-colored tape. Make multiples and insert into vase filled with floral foam or tie together with a pretty ribbon to create a unique centerpiece for your table.

Spaghetti Nest
This project has my boys written all over it, especially with our recent interactions with the bird that was nesting on our door. Cook and cool spaghetti. Place wax paper inside a bowl–this bowl will be the mold for your nest. Mix 1 tablespoon glue and 1 tablespoon paint together in a separate bowl. Add one cup spaghetti and stir until completely coated. Line the bowl with spaghetti, one piece at a time, until the nest is formed. Allow to dry completely before removing from the bowl. Display an egg or other Easter decoration in the nest.

Egg Buddies
There isn’t a kid I know who isn’t fascinated with the magical process of growing seeds. Put those extra plastic eggs to work by using them as tiny planters. Once complete, these cute eggs can even serve as creative place markers for your table at Easter dinner. Decorate the larger half of the egg using googly eyes and a marker to draw a mouth. Use construction paper, felt, cardstock, or foam board to create feet by cutting a small heart and adhering it to the bottom of a single egg carton section. The plastic egg will balance in this. Add a piece of bow tie pasta to the front of the egg carton to dress up your egg buddy. If the egg is not ventilated, add a few small pebbles to the bottom of the egg before filling it with soil to allow for proper drainage.  Add soil to the plastic egg until it is 2/3 full. Sprinkle generously with grass seed, making sure to leave no empty spots. Cover the seeds with soil and then water. Place the egg in the egg carton by a window and watch it grow in 5-10 days.

Eggshell Frames (
Instead of trashing the shells from all of those pretty colored Easter eggs, save the shells to create a keepsake frame. After removing the shells from the eggs, adhere them to an old frame or wooden craft frame (available at hobby stores or most big box stores). Working on one section at a time, use a brush to coat the frame with craft glue or Mod Podge and then firmly press the shell pieces onto the frame. Let dry completely before inserting a favorite Easter photo.

String Easter Eggs (
Similar to the Spaghetti Nest project, this one uses 12-24 inch segments of string or yarn soaked in a glue/water mixture (3 parts glue to 1 part water), then wrap around an inflated balloon. Be sure to run the string between your fingers before wrapping the balloon to remove any excess glue. After the balloon has been wrapped with as much string as desired, let it dry completely (1-2 days). Pop the balloon, making sure to dispose of all balloon particles. Display eggs in a clear vase or bowl, or use fishing line or decorative ribbon to hang them from your dining room or kitchen light fixtures.


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