DIY jewelry stand

I have struggled forever with my jewelry box. It is not  large, yet not small, but stuffed with so many necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, and rings that I can never find anything. I end up wearing the same 3 pieces of jewelry by default simply because I can not stand to open it and rummage through the tangled, confusing, mess it contains. At least that was my dilemma until a week ago when I saw a contributor on the Today Show using a thread spool holder to display jewelery. It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

I dug out the thread holder I had purchased (but never used) years ago when I was in my bow-making phase. I was going to use it to hold thread and spools of ribbon, but that hobby faded before I even had the chance to get organized. I had all the items I needed (stain, rags, spray paint, sandpaper, and gloves) on hand so I got started.

Step 1: Apply stain to the wood with a clean cloth. Using a cloth instead of a brush allows for easier distribution of the stain around each wooden peg. Wear gloves to avoid staining skin.

Stained spool holder


After applying the stain, it looked a little blah and I decided I wanted something with a little more pizzazz.

Step 2: Apply spray paint. Spray an even coat of paint on the entire surface of the spool holder. Look closely to catch any drips. Let the spray paint dry completely. (Oops, I forgot to take a picture of this step, but I have faith in your imaginative abilities.)

Step 3: Gently sand the wood using a fine grit paper (I used 120 grit) until the desired look is achieved. I wanted the stain to show through on the edges of the pegs and wooden slats, but still wanted the piece to look a little silver/shiny overall. Wipe away any sanding residue and let it air out for a night to allow the paint fumes to dissipate a bit.

Finished jewelry stand.

Close up

Step 4: Add your jewelry.

New jewelry holder

It was fun going through my  jewelry box and finding a spot for each piece; I was surprised to find so many pieces that I had completely forgotten about. With this sitting on my bedside table it adds interest and an element of personalization to the room, plus it gets me excited to accessorize every time I get dressed. I have found that I am picking out my jewelry first, and then building my outfit around it!


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