How did you celebrate Underwear Awareness Day?

Underwear Awareness Day fell on a Sunday this year, but that didn’t stop my crew from celebrating it with gusto. Though they were a little skeptical when I first mentioned it, they eagerly participated after hearing my thoughtful explanation of such an important day.

You see, since there are many people who don’t wear underwear, or who are not lucky enough to own any underwear, it’s up to those who do own underwear to wear them outside of their clothes in order to raise awareness about the importance of wearing underwear every day.

After a little thought and some more discussion on the topic, each of my boys shrugged their shoulders and said what they heck as they swapped their underpants to the outside of their shorts. Of course, this was not before questioning my dedication to this critical day, so I ran to my room and put a pair on over my pants, too.

Giggles galore as I re-entered the room and we all looked at each other, blushing a bit. My oldest said he was relieved the day was on a weekend at least so we wouldn’t have to go anywhere and be seen by anyone. I quickly reminded him that we still had to go to church, but explained we could just put our underpants on over our church clothes and it would be no big deal. He covered his eyes in exasperation and couldn’t believe we were going to go in public. I explained that it was our duty, after all how were we going to raise awareness about the importance of wearing underwear if no one sees us. After more giggles, I got them together to snap a photo of our good deed.

When I could no longer keep up the charade, I let them in on my April Fool’s joke. They were hysterical and so excited; it gave way to an all day joke-fest. Definitely a memory I will cherish forever and a picture I will keep safe for future blackmail purposes.

By the way, I got this idea from a great website a friend sent me yesterday. The idea is to use bedtime to solve math problems each night, and make it fun, like a nightly bedtime story. Problems range from easy to difficult, making it possible for kids of all ages to participate in the problem-solving. Sign up for their mailing list and get a new problem each day in your inbox.


2 thoughts on “How did you celebrate Underwear Awareness Day?

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