Commence the summer planning madness

I’ve been so busy planning our upcoming trip to Chicago that lately I haven’t had time for much else. For the past week or so, my full-time job has been figuring out how to see some of the major sites in town while also making time for family visits and a wedding in the south side suburbs, which has proven logistically challenging and mentally exhausting. After reviewing multiple hotels, finding decent restaurants, researching car rental agencies, comparing airfare, as well as calculating the distances between locations and mapping the itinerary for each day, I feel like I am as familiar with Chicago as I am with the Houston area. But all is well, and, thanks to my superhero-like scheduling skills, I think I have figured out a way to see 3 of the 4 major hot spots that I know the boys will enjoy without making it too miserably jam-packed (Clark Griswold, anyone?). Now that the main details are ironed out, I am feeling much more clear-headed and ready to tackle everything else that I’ve recently neglected–like this blog, my other writing projects, planning the kids summer activities, registering Ryan for kinder,  Nicholas’s upcoming First Communion, DIY projects, blah, blah, blah.

As I am gradually getting re-focused, I thought I’d post a picture I snapped on our walk through the nature preserve on Sunday. At the entrance was this old tractor that the boys naturally gravitated to immediately, climbing all over it and jumping down from its’ huge tires. I captured a ton of great images on our walk, making me glad I ran back into the house to grab my camera at the last-minute before we left. When we got home they devoured a cantaloupe and then had the idea of planting its’ seeds in the garden; we’ll see if anything sprouts. Afterwards, they played in the sprinkler while we watered the lawn. It turned out to be a nice little Earth Day.



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