Free printable lunchbox notes

Lunchbox notes from WeeLife

I’m no Martha Stewart, by any means, but when time allows I do try to make my kids’ lunches special. When time doesn’t allow, I toss an extra cookie or two in the Ziploc. Either way, I figure it’s a quick way to break up the day, remind them that I love them, and maybe even change their mood if their day has been particularly rough. Whether it’s simply using a seasonal cookie cutter to stamp out a cute sandwich or making tiny fruit and cheese shish kabobs on frilly toothpicks, I try to add one element of surprise to each lunch I pack.  For a while I was writing notes on napkins, but once my middle son started kinder, I switched to drawings since he hadn’t quite mastered reading. Being that I really have no artistic drawing abilities, it wasn’t long before I was out of ideas and the visual napkin notes bit the dust. That’s when I came across printable lunch notes and my fun lunches were revived! A friend sent me a link to one and since then I have found TONS of other free downloadable lunchbox notes online. Some have cute pictures on them, some are blank to include your own personal note, some are seasonal, and some have corny jokes perfect for second grade boys. Now you can add a little more love to your kid’s lunch, without much work at all! Even if school is almost out. :)


Wee Life

Tip Junkie

Disney Lunch Notes – Boys

Disney Lunch Notes – Girls

All For The Boys – Jokes

Glitter Magic – More jokes

Passionate Penny Pincher – Even more jokes

Kristen Duke Photography – Even MORE jokes (plus lots of great holiday/seasonal jokes, too!)

Darling Doodles

Moms by Heart

Rook No. 17 – Pictures and words make these great for pre/early readers

Fresh Picked Whimsey


Buttoned Up

Alenka’s Printables

It’s Written on the Walls



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