Keeping a summer schedule to save my sanity

Thursday was the last official day of the school year around here and since then I’ve already sentenced each of my boys to take breathers in their rooms countless times. It’s only three days into summer break and I am already counting down the days until school starts up again (a mere 85). While I am looking forward to the few trips we have planned and little fun excursions here and there this summer, I am already very close to dreading each uneventful day and its accompanying chaos, sibling rivalries, and verbal and physical fights. After commiserating with other mom-friends at a 2-year-old’s birthday party yesterday, I’ve decided to this is not how I want to spend my summer break. And I won’t.

Today I’ve come up with a structured daily summer schedule in the hopes of avoiding this behavior. It will be posted on our bulletin board and enforced beginning tomorrow. I figure I’ll switch out some of the activities on days when we go to the library, meet friends for lunch, or head to the pool, or if some things just don’t work, but otherwise this gives an outline of what’s expected for the day. It will, hopefully, deter the daily question of what are we doing today, too, which will also help to keep me sane this summer. Ideally, it’ll also give me a time slot to get some work done, which is an added bonus but not something I’m banking on. I’ll let you know how it goes–if it flies or flops. I’m desperately hoping it flies.

Daily Summer Schedule (a.k.a. Summer Sanity Saver)

Breakfast and free time
-get dressed
-brush teeth
-brush hair
-tidy room-make bed, pick up toys
9-9:30              Math skills
9:30-10:30      Outside play and snack
10:30-11:30     Computer/reading activities
11:30-12            Lunch
12-12:30           Individual free reading
12:30-1             Individual free draw, craft, Legos, music
1-2                     Individual free time – TV, play with toys
2-3                    Snack and outside play
3-4                    Art/Science/Cooking -play doh, paint, draw, craft
4-5                    Educational TV time


One thought on “Keeping a summer schedule to save my sanity

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