Great online resource for preventing summer learning loss

Since implementing my summer schedule with the kids in the hopes of keeping them up to speed academically during the break (while also keeping me sane), I’ve been on the hunt for educational websites. Though I’ve found some where the kids can play educational games, none have really wow-ed me (or the kids) nor have they gotten any of my boys particularly eager to practice their math or reading skills. In my quest, though, I came across a great resource for parents looking to maintain their child’s school skills with free, printable worksheets, and a whole lot more. is a site that provides tons of learning resources broken out by age (from babies all the way to high schoolers), as well as subject level or activity type. Create a free profile and gain access to all of their activities and printable worksheets, informative videos, and a Q&A section that covers everything from science fair help to how to handle bullying. The site also allows for its’ users to create collections by sort of bookmarking worksheets and saving them in user-created folders, or what they call collections. I’ve created collections for each of my boys, as well as general collections for rainy day activities and holiday-themed exercises. The best part, by far, is that my boys haven’t complained at all when doing any of the worksheets, educational activities, or games. They even seem to enjoy it. Score!



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