My surrender to summer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve had no time to get anything real accomplished. I’ve decided to let it all go, to wave my white flag, throw in the towel–my projects in the garage, writing assignments, cleaning and laundry schedule–anything that I do regularly on some sort of a schedule or with some sense of urgency, I am letting it go and getting around to it as needed. Even Bikram, though this one  isn’t by choice but just isn’t happening more than once a week for me lately. With the kids home constantly, I have found it an impossibility to be productive in any other way than just being a Mom.

The past 2 weeks the boys took part in a little diving program in our area. It was only 4 days a week for an hour a day, but they each showed great improvement from their first day to the last day at their mock dive meet. A friend had mentioned the program to me so I decided to sign them up since it wasn’t a big commitment (financial or otherwise), and I am glad I did. A far cry from the rigorous practices and overall intensity of swim team that we experienced last year, diving was completely fun and a big confidence builder for each of them. They all really enjoyed it and were pretty tired for the rest of the day afterwards; I guess an hour of constant jumping from a diving board and pulling yourself up and out of the pool can really wear you out.  My oldest, who instantly began dreading  his mandatory participation in the program from the minute I mentioned it to him, even came in first place for his age group. Quite a surprise to both of us and it also turned out to be a fantastic lesson for him.

Divers, 2 of 3 at least

Looking for something to keep the kids busy and get them excited for the 4th of July, I came across a Tulip Tie-Dying kit at the store. I had never tie-dyed anything before and thought it’d be fun, but when I told a friend of my plans she looked at me as if I had lost my mind. She recounted the time she tie-dyed a shirt at a birthday party as a kid and the incredible mess it made dipping the cloth into different buckets of color (she is, what some would call, a neat freak to this day). And although I cringed a bit as the kids squeezed the bottles of dye, missed their shirts and squirted their arms and hands, all in all it was a good experience. I had planned on taking pictures of the process, but the job was entirely too messy and hands-on for me to do anything but tie-dye. Even Ryan’s overly saturated shirt that dripped color onto the Hefty sack-covered kitchen table turned out great, something I was concerned with since it clearly stated “Do Not Oversaturate” on the directions.  They each made a shirt for the 4th (along with one for me and Chris, too) and a multi-colored one for fun and we still had lots of dye leftover. All three loved the process and the end result. They were already asking to do it again as I was tearing up the trash bags from the table.

Wearing our tie-dyed shirts proudly on the 4th.



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