We can pickle that!

A small sampling from our cucumber farm.

When we began our garden last summer, I had no idea what I was getting into and ended up amazed by the mass quantities of tomatoes it produced. I thought nothing could surprise nor impress me as much as those little super-producing Sweet 100’s did, until we planted cucumber seeds this spring. The sheer cucumber madness we have experienced this summer has been overwhelming. Each day I go out and pick a cucumber off the vine only to go out the next day and pick 2 more that seem to have sprouted overnight in its place. Before we leave for any summer shindig, I pluck a few to take along. I give cucumbers to friends and neighbors, slice them for some extra crunch on a sandwich, make cucumber and tomato salad, use them in homemade salsa or pico, add them as a garnish to my pork tacos, and sprinkle slices with salt, pepper and a little sesame oil for a late night snack. And while this is all well and good, I still have had way too many cucumbers to consume before they go bad. And did I mention, that all 5 of us here are cucumber-lovers? I’m seriously talking about a Doomsday Preppers amount of cucumbers.

I did try to pickle them (even though I have no idea if they are pickling cucumbers) with a recipe I found online. It called for vinegar, garlic, peppercorns, and salt and only took 2 weeks in the fridge, but whatever the recipe was that I used made them way too vinegar-y. They were crispy and had a great crunch, though, which was a result, I had read, that could be difficult to achieve. Next year I’ll pay more attention to what I plant and also where I plant things. My cucumbers completely overtook the garden and wiped out their tomato friends and stifled the strawberries.

One of 3 tiny strawberries we’ve gotten all summer.

Maybe one year I’ll get this the hang of this gardening thing. As for this year, “I can pickle that” is my mantra.



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