Back-to-school discount haircuts


I know it’s common at the end of the school year for Mom’s and Dad’s to ceremoniously buzz their boy’s hair as an easy summer ‘do. I have never been a fan of the buzz cut, perhaps because 2 of my 3 boys have rather big heads that include large foreheads and a buzz cut just seems to emphasize this facial characteristic. So I take the opposite approach and let my boys grow their hair during the summer, which has actually turned into something they really look forward to each year. It can grow over their ears and into their eyes for all I care, I always stick to the no-summer-haircut rule that I devised a few years ago (with the exception of this year since Nicholas was in a wedding in July). I’ll admit I find myself brushing the hair out of their eyes and tucking their scraggly locks behind their ears by about August, but I manage to hold on a few more weeks before I take them for their back-to-school haircuts. Considering the stylists have to trim away a ton of dry, chlorine/sun damaged, uneven hair, I typically tip a little more for this first haircut of the school year; that’s partly why I am so excited when I find discounts on back-to-school haircuts.

This year I got an email from JCPenny stating they are offering free haircuts during the month of August for any child in grades K-6. Just call a salon and mention the free haircut deal when booking your child’s appointment to receive the freebie. Visit their website to find a store near you.

I also received a coupon yesterday in my inbox from TGF Salons for $7.99 haircuts for the entire family (which is particularly fantastic for me because this is where I regularly take the boys). Click here for the coupon that is good through September 30. It will take you to their FB page, just “like” them to get the coupon.



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