Back to school lunch notes

With back to school less that one week away (hooray!), I am gearing up so we’ll be ready on Monday when it’s time to head out the door. All supplies and  uniforms purchased, hair cut, and backpacks and lunch kits clearly labeled with a Sharpie. I even purchased each a special after-school treat to have waiting for them at the end of their first day. After feeling so completely overwhelmed with to-do’s just a week or so ago, now I am just feeling excited and anxious to see what the new year will bring for each of my boys.

I started thinking about what I’ll pack for lunch on their first day, which then got me searching the web for more lunchbox notes, specifically back to school themed notes. As it goes with the web, I found more than I bargained for to add to my growing collection of printable lunchbox notes. Such an easy way to make a lunch special!

Jokes from Peonies and Poppyseeds

Joke notes from Cap Creations.

Scripture lunch notes from

Bananas lunch notes from Chaquita Moms.

Individual notes from Little Lunch Notes.



2 thoughts on “Back to school lunch notes

    • I love these! Especially the fun fact and shadow puppet cards for my 3rd grader since it’s getting hard to find “cool” notes for him as he gets older. I’ve also had a hard time finding picture cards for pre/early readers, but you have some of those also. Your site has a lot of creative cards I’ve never seen before; I’ll be checking it regularly!


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