A successful start

I realized in my frenzy to tear into my to-do list that I completely neglected to provide an update on the kids start to the new school year. Four weeks in  now and we have all settled nicely into a routine, albeit a very busy one. All three boys are loving school and their teachers, which makes everything so much easier.  While I admit I was a little nervous and worried when I left Ryan on the first day, I’ve since been reassured that he was, indeed, ready to make the jump to kindergarten.  I am still a little sad, though, since I know I’ll blink my eyes and he’ll be graduating from high school.

And so it begins. Ryan in his class on the first day of kindergarten.

The youngest two have teachers that Nicholas had in kinder and 1st,  so it has been nice on the parent end of things, knowing the expectations and teaching style of each. Nicholas has relaxed a bit now that he has realized the 3rd grade isn’t as difficult as all of his older friends had scared him into believing, though he still insists the upcoming STAAR test will be the hardest thing he’ll ever do in his entire life. We are so booked solid, though, with school every day and soccer and hockey/skating on alternating nights every night that we all look forward to our Friday family movie night ritual, which really makes me happy.

The first day of school.

The only issue that we’ve encountered so far this school year is with Hayden. Not behavior issues, well, I guess it sort of is, but not  anything disrespectful. Well, I guess it sort of is disrespectful. He just can’t seem to stay awake in class. When he came home the second week of school and nonchalantly mentioned to me that his teacher had to wake him up in class that day, I was quite surprised. He claimed she was not talking about anything important at the time so it didn’t really matter. I, of course, said it did matter and explained how he may miss out on important information if he keeps falling asleep in class, which could end up affecting his grades.

“Have you fallen asleep before, or was this the first time?” I asked.
“Oh no,” he exasperated, “this is like at LEAST the third time!”

And this conversation happened on the 7th day of school. I about died! When I mentioned this on Facebook, I got a lot of responses about him being too smart for the class and not being challenged enough as reasons for his frequent snoozefests during the school days. I liked this Office Space way of thinking, much more than my own initial slacker theory.

My response to those FB friends: “Who knows, maybe he’ll have a meeting with the Bobs next week and be promoted to 2nd!”

Office Space-Meeting with the Bobs




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