Monday makeover: DIY chair

I usually turn the channel when I see a talk show teaser for a makeover segment. Makeovers, in my opinion, are rarely the jaw-dropping metamorphoses the talk show host believes they are. I’m always left underwhelmed when I see the formerly stringy-haired, style-challenged, slightly overweight new mom (or retired grandma) emerge shyly from behind a wall wearing an off-the-rack dress, high heels, and freshly colored, voluminous hair. I guess she looks better than before, but, she also still looks like that same frumpy lady. Only now she looks visibly awkward wearing clothes she would never purchase in a million years and a hairdo she will never be able to replicate herself once she returns home to Anytown, USA.  At least before the makeover she was comfortable in her own makeup-free skin and ill-fitting clothes.

But a good furniture makeover? That’s a completely different story. There is almost nothing I like more than seeing an old, ratty chair/desk/dresser/insert any other type of furniture here formerly deemed as trash scrubbed, sanded and painted, then resurrected from the dead  and put to use leading a successful second life. It energizes me when I see these types of transformations and infuses a ton of new ideas in my head.

Here’s a little DIY chair I completed to go with the desk I just finished working on. I took a beat up, old, kitchen chair we weren’t using and chopped the legs a bit, cut off the top slat,  filled in some spots with wood filler and sanded the whole thing before priming and painting it black. I sealed with spray polyurethane (first time and it worked well and involved much less mess than traditional methods once I got the hang of it ), then padded and covered the seat with fabric. It was not only an easy project, but an economical one, too, considering I already had everything except the foam. It’s the perfect fit for N’s new desk!



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