Makeover Monday: DIY headboard

Something I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before is the fact that I have a somewhat strange affinity for odd numbers. I have lots of reasons for this about which many detailed posts could be written, but instead I’ll keep it short by saying everything major, meaningful, or important that has occurred in my life has happened in an odd year and the number 3 has brought me luck countless times. So, needless to say, I was eagerly awaiting the start of the new year. After all 2013 is odd AND has a 3 in it so this should be one for my personal record books. And I guess, in a way, it already is. After all, I kicked off the new year with the flu complete with all the fixin’s– high fever, chills, body aches,  sore throat– and a $70 prescription for Tamiflu. (I misunderstood the pharmacist in the drive through, by the way, and thought she said it would be seven-TEEN dollars.) About the day I started feeling better, we headed off for a family cruise to Cozumel and Progreso, which was a great experience, by the way,  and then I was surprised by my husband with a birthday dinner with all my closest friends a week or so after we returned (another great experience!). So things were looking up, until I got a cold right after the party that lasted a good long week, followed by what I think was food poisoning this weekend. Needless to say, this peculiar start to the new year has left me a little doubtful of my odd year theory but has also solidified it in a strange way. I’m still eagerly looking forward to the remaining 11 months, whatever good, bad, or ugly they may bring.

On a lighter note, a friend recently mentioned to me she is in the market for a full size headboard and a dresser and wanted to check some thrift stores so, being the thrift store semi-regular that I am, I gladly offered up my assistance. We went last week and although she didn’t find a headboard, she did score a fabulous silver chafing dish for only $10 plus a little elbow grease and I actually stumbled upon a twin headboard for N’s room. I’m starting to work on it now; I need to raise it up a bit, fill some holes, and paint it but it shouldn’t take too long. Chris took one look at it and said it was way too girly, but I couldn’t resist it. I loved the lines and the detail on it, so I am hoping it turns out how I am envisioning it in my head. And I hope that vision is (79)



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