DIY notepad

photo (80)Do you get these direct marketing packages each month filled with coupons for local retailers you never visit? For years I would toss them in the trash directly upon receipt (without even opening them), feeling a little guilty each time knowing those local companies with tiny ad budgets were putting their money directly into my trash can. Finally, when my Bachelor of Science in Advertising conscience could not take the guilt any longer, I began opening the package each month, thumbing through the ads and pulling out the 3 that I might possibly use, and then tossing the rest in the trash. The final resting place eventually became the recycle bin a few years ago once I finally got with it and requested a recycle bin from the city.

Then, about a year ago, I was scrambling to write down a grocery list and couldn’t find a lick of paper in my junk draw–except for those 3 coupons. They just happened to be the perfect size for my grocery list! (Yes, I really was that excited about it.) That little oil change coupon saved the day and changed my view on the Money Mailer forever.

Since then, every time I receive one in the mail I open it up, recycle any that are shiny or double-sided, and the rest get stapled and put in my junk drawer for notepads. I use them up and then they go into the recycle bin. I feel like the advertiser is getting more for their money in my own weird little way, plus I’m never out of notepads anymore. I use these for school notes, too, thinking maybe the teacher will flip it over and find just the savings she didn’t even know she was looking for.

"He's going home early, and $3 off the China Inn Cafe? Well, it's my lucky day!"

“He’s going home early, and $3 off the China Inn Cafe? Well, it’s my lucky day!”

I’ve also cut out pieces from cereal boxes and stapled them to the back of the paper to make a more legit notepad. Chris took the boys on a camping trip one weekend and I gave them each their own MM notepad and pencil to draw anything interesting they discovered. They were a hit with the boys, easy to make, and required no mad dashes to the store for supplies.

Perfect for a chronic list-maker like me.

Perfect for a chronic list-maker like me.



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