A stoplight epiphany


No worries, I got the glow sticks.

Yes, you read that right–a black light puppet show! I caught a glimpse of this sign outside my local library while I was waiting at a stoplight the other day. It was one of those moments that made me look twice and then got me thinking.

I started imagining toddlers toting their juice-filled sippy cups and running around with glow sticks, each in his own little world,  while the puppeteer frantically tried to entertain them all. Or maybe they would be a bunch of terrified toddlers, screaming as the room goes black and all that’s visible are creepy glowing puppet eyes and mouths. It was all very entertaining in my head.

Soon I started wondering who thought of this idea.  Was it a past raver wanting to reclaim his youth, believing  it’s never too early to introduce the magical world of black lights to kids? Maybe it was a hip, young, educator conducting research to support her thesis that black light puppet shows are what every kid needs to expand his creativity.

Since I’m a frequent visitor of this library, I began thinking of its’ employees and tried to envision one of them hatching this black light puppet plan. This proved impossible for me, which then got me thinking about how I  can be pretty judgemental. Just because someone looks like the typical, meek, libraian-type does not mean that don’t enjoy letting loose at a good black light party.

Which brought me to my final thought on the subject while I was waiting for the light to change: Don’t judge a book by its cover!



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