Reality check

It has been one of those weeks for me. One that has left me feeling defeated. At my wits’ end. Hopeless. Confused. Crying. Cussing. Discouraged. Exhausted. Embarrassed. Humbled. Sad. Yelling. Pleading. Questioning. Doubting. Praying. Sleep-deprived. Guilt-ridden.

Then I glance over and see this. It has soared up from the back of the car and landed on the seat next to me while I’m taking the kids to school. My heart feels better. I realize I am not doing such a bad job, I’ve just hit a rough spot in my career as a mom. I am reminded what goes up must come down and the confident high I have been riding for a while now has flung me hard to the ground, leaving me dazed and bewildered, but not broken. All things are temporary.

I look forward to rising to the top again, only this time I’ll try to enjoy the ride a bit airplane


3 thoughts on “Reality check


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