Fools’ Day fun

Between all the yelling, whining, sword-fighting, farts, and hockey games, I get quick flashes of my kids’ evolving personalities each day. When I do see these glimpses of their true selves, it makes me excited for the future to find out what kind of interesting adults they will become. Like all parents, I hope each one is kind, compassionate, and well-rounded with a career that not only pays his bills but uses his unique talents, bringing the utmost fulfillment of his God-given purpose.  I also place creativity and a well-developed sense of humor very high on my wish list. I think anyone with these two attributes is extremely gifted and has the tools to handle any situation in which they find themselves. And I think that they go hand in hand, for the most part anyway.

By creative I don’t mean I want my kid to be a painter, although I’d be thrilled if it makes him happy.  I just believe it is very important to think creatively, whether he is a  sculptor or a surgeon. Because of this, I constantly try to encourage my boys in anything creative and keep all kinds of paper, pencils, tape, glue, paint, brushes, cardboard boxes and random stuff that I think they’ll be able to use and manipulate in some way.

I also try to find ways to develop their sense of humor by doing silly things with them each day. Sometimes it’s writing a joke or riddle on a napkin and slipping in it their lunch kit,  instructing them to do something off-the-wall in a serious tone of voice, crossing my eyes while answering a question they’ve asked, watching funny shows together, or playing harmless jokes. I guess that’s why I’ve started to really like April Fool’s Day. I figure it’s just another teaching opportunity for me. And ever since the April Fools’ Underwear Awareness Day prank I pulled on them so successfully last year, I’ve been eager for the day to roll around again.

This year is a new take on an old trick. I was thinking about doing the candy apple trick–dipping an onion on a stick in caramel– but knew they wouldn’t eat it since they aren’t caramel lovers and so the trick would be a bust. Instead I found tiny pearl onions at the store, bought some chocolate bark and sprinkles, and made my own chocolate covered tiny onion “cake pops.”

I did make real cake pops, too, although I’m not sure they’ll trust me enough to eat them after indulging in their onion pops.

pretty onion pop

pretty onion pop



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