Onion cake pop recipe, if you dare

pop tasters

pop tasters

So the onion pop gag was a hit! Although my 9-year-old figured it out pretty quickly, which I think had more to do with my iPhone camera suspiciously and unnaturally in his face while he was biting into it than anything else, my younger two took a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Once they forgave me and were rewarded with a real cake pop, I think they saw the humor in it. Maybe not. But I hope at least when they are older they will look back and be able to see the humor in it. And do it to their kids. I took some cute video that I’ve been trying to post, but, alas, technology is not my strong suit. I hope I can get it figured out soon to share, though it may be Mother’s Day by then.

In the meantime, I’ll share my onion cake pop recipe and tips for anyone who’d like to pull a fun prank on an unsuspecting individual any old day of the year. Or just make some great tasting cake pops.

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1 box of cake mix (vegetable oil, water, and eggs per the instructions on the box)
1 can of frosting
Pearl onions
Chocolate bark
Assorted sprinkles
Lollipop sticks
Styrofoam or floral foam block (or something else to set the cake pops in while they harden–I was completely unprepared for this part so I used a knitting needle to punch holes in an empty Sprite carton and it worked well enough. MacGyver, I know!)

quick thinking

quick thinking

Onion Pop Directions:

Step 1: Cut any knobby parts off the ends of the onions. Peel the skin if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. I did some with and some without the skin and the only difference I noticed is that it took longer for the chocolate to set on the peeled onions. Both types had the same faint onion scent afterwards, but only if you really sniffed close and knew it was an onion in there. Of course, the onion taste will become apparent quicker to the taster with a peeled onion.

Step 2: Poke a lollipop stick into one end of the onion, about halfway through to make sure it is secure. You may need to start the hole by poking it with a fork or knife, but don’t make it too big or the stick will fall right out.

Step 3: Melt 1 square of chocolate bark in a small bowl according to the package directions.

Step 4: Dip the onion pop into the chocolate, rolling it around to make sure it is completely coated and no onion is showing. Allow time for any excess chocolate to drip off and for the chocolate to begin to set–about 10-15 seconds.

Step 5: Pour sprinkles over the onion pop (over a paper plate) until it’s covered to your satisfaction.

Step 6: Place the pop in styrofoam until the chocolate has hardened completely. Move it into the freezer to speed up the hardening process.

Tip: I tried rolling the onion pop in the sprinkles but found pouring them on was easier and resulted in prettier onion pops. I also had onions falling off of the stick when I tried rolling them.

Cake Pop Directions:

Step 1: Preheat oven, mix and bake the cake mix according to the instructions outlined on the back of the cake box.  Let the cake cool slightly before removing it from the pan and crumbling it into a large bowl.

Step 2: Add 2 or 3 healthy tablespoons of frosting to the crumbled cake and mix it with your hands. The cake should be crumbly but sticky enough to form balls. Add more frosting as needed, being careful not to add to much since it can result in a strange, dense texture. Cake pops should still be somewhat light and airy.

Step 3: Use a tablespoon to scoop out the cake, roll it between your palms to form a small ball. Set cake balls on a cookie sheet. Melt 1 square of the chocolate bark in a small bowl according to the package directions. Dip the end of a lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then stick it into a cake ball to help secure the cake to the stick. Place in the freezer for a minimum of 20 minutes to set, longer is better though.

Step 4: Pour sprinkles on a paper plate.

Step 5: Melt 3-4 squares of chocolate bark in a cup. The cup allows for easy dipping in and out of the chocolate without having to roll the cake pop around. Remove cake pops from the freezer and dip into the melted chocolate, gently tapping the stick on the edge of the cup to remove any excess chocolate. Melt more chocolate as needed.

Step 6: Gently roll the cake pop in the sprinkles and place in the styrofoam until hardened.

Step 7: Store in a sealed container.

onion pop gag, with emphasis on gag

onion pop gag, with the emphasis on gag

If you have any harmless tricks, jokes or gags you’ve played on your kids, please share. I’d love to get some more ideas for my April Fools’ Day arsenal.


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