Easy and awesome teacher gift

I was on the hunt last night for a thoughtful, unique, relatively simple and inexpensive gift to give to my kids’ four teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. I found lots, thanks to Pinterest, but particularly loved this cute idea from Skip to my Lou. photo (109)

I bought the pretty chinese food container at Hobby Lobby and found the fortune cookies in the international foods aisle at the grocery store. I melted some chocolate bark in the microwave and then dipped each cookie halfway before setting it on a cookie sheet to harden. For even more pizzazz, you could add some colorful sprinkles or drizzle white chocolate on top of the milk chocolate. I was not feeling quite that snazzy this morning.

photo (111)

While waiting, I printed the cute saying from my computer and hot glued it to one side of the container. When the chocolate was completely hard, I placed 14 cookies inside plastic treat bags that I had left over from a birthday party and secured it with a ribbon. I attached a piece of cardstock to the ribbon for my kids to sign and popped the bag in the box.

photo (110)

This was a very easy project and looks even better than I expected. Fortune cookies are relatively low in fat and calories making them a nice alternative to cookies or cupcakes, which teachers may get a lot of throughout the year. And who doesn’t like reading the little fortune hiding inside? I highly recommend this project!



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