Academy: Making domestic violence fashionable

Girls, are you tired of abusing your boyfriends while wearing your everyday, ho-hum t-shirts or your lame, old-fashioned camis? Feeling envious, maybe even resentful, because men are the only ones to have a catchy, though some call it offensive, name for their white tanks? Well, envy no more.

Academy, a nationwide chain (of over 150 stores!) well known for its wide variety of sports equipment, outdoor gear, and athletic clothing, heard your high-pitched whines and answered your call. (I envision an overworked, underpaid marketing manager massaging his temples while his pubescent daughter screeches feverishly about how unfair it is that her brother gets all the good stuff, like a later curfew, a new car, and tank tops with a degrading name. In a fit of parental exhaustion, he comes up with this gem.)

Not since women’s suffrage, the invention of the birth control pill, or Roe v. Wade has there been a more historic leap in the never-ending fight for women’s liberation and equal rights.

Wife beaters? No worries, Academy's got your girl's back.

Wife beaters? No worries, Academy has got your girls’ back.

Kudos, to you, Academy, for recognizing the gender inequality that has plagued the tank top clothing segment for years. And, as a result, instead of discouraging juvenile domestic violence, encouraging it. For going above and beyond the mere, horrific, slang term of “wife beater” for a men’s basic white tank undershirt, and proudly advertising your girl’s tank tops as “boy beaters.” It’s important to empower our girls at a young age with the knowledge that they should not stand for abuse under any circumstance. And that it’s even better if they can get the upper hand early by being the abuser in their relationships. Way to go!


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