Custom Christmas cards: Get the best bang for your buck

Hooray, the maddening month of October is over! I’m finally thinking more clearly, feeling energized, and ready to enjoy the rest of 2013. I’ve decided to tackle the upcoming holidays simply and happily with a renewed sense of gratitude, starting now. Maybe it’s the meditation challenge I began a few days ago that has me feeling so warm and fuzzy, but whatever the reason I’ll take it.

I’m back on the ball and even checked the first To Do off of my lengthy holiday list–Christmas cards.  When I opened my beautiful cards on Wednesday, after ordering them on Monday (and I didn’t pay for expedited shipping either), I realized I needed to spread the word about this great company called  MPix for those who haven’t heard of them and are in the market for Christmas cards.


Santa? No, just the ice cream man.

A friend told me about MPix a couple of years ago after someone told her about them. Last year when I mentioned to another friend that MPix printed my Christmas cards, she commented that the photographer who took her family portraits had mentioned the company to her, too. It’s like this super secret, high-quality photo printing company that only a select few people know about. All the rest are still ordering from Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Tiny Prints. Well no more, I say! Everyone deserves high quality photos and photo-related products at reasonable prices!

Even after rummaging through my inbox to compare MPix with the other guys’ online coupon codes, Mpix was still less expensive. They offer professional grade printing for all occasions–cards, calendars, prints, photo books, canvases, and personalized gifts–at an amazing value. Really, their products are so good they make even the most inexperienced amateur photographer’s snapshots look amazing. I can vouch for that.

Flat cards (that include double-sided printing) range from $22-$25 per set of 25, with prices decreasing as your quantity increases. Unlike many other places, customers can choose from a variety of paper types, thicknesses, and finishes at no extra charge. Photo cards printed on photo paper are even cheaper at 42 cents each, and, to top it off, their website is unbelievably simple to use.

So join this secret club. Check out their website, add yourself to their email list to get in the loop for great discounts, and get to work. You won’t find better quality photo products for the price, in my (totally unbiased because they’re not paying me to write this) opinion.

In the meantime, here are a few more shots from my DIY Christmas card photo shoot this year to help you get on the stick.





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