100th Day hoopla

Today is the 100th day of school!

100th day rocks

I’m not sure why this is a big deal.  In all the schools I attended as I was shuffled across the country growing up, I never  remember celebrating this milestone.

Maybe there are 200 days in a school year, making this the official halfway marker for all those already beat-down teachers and worn-out students. Maybe it’s the faint glimmer of a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel meant to keep everyone chugging along for the next few months until the end of the school year rolls around. Maybe it’s just a reason to have some silly fun during a typical school day–which I am all for. Who knows, but this celebratory day has gotten my first grader excited ever since he came home with a 100th Day t-shirt assignment last week.

After reading through the assignment and looking at the link of suggested 100th Day t-shirt ideas, I realized this is serious business for some people. I decided to forgo the overwhelming timesuck of searching the multitude of 100th Day t-shirt ideas on Pinterest and try to think of something on my own. (I found these fun examples just now as I searched for a way to spruce up this post.)


I don’t get this.

100 days bieber

This reminds me to be thankful I don’t have a girl.

100 Days safety pins

Safety pins? On a gray shirt? Can it get more boring?

I wanted a shirt that would: (A) be reflective of what my first grader likes, (B) not be a multi-step process that takes hours to complete, and (C) result in the least amount of hot glue gun burns as possible.

Way too much burn potential.

Way too much burn potential.

My brainstorming session went like this:

He likes matchbox cars! We have a good zillion or so…maybe I could glue a hundred to a shirt? That would be a quick project to complete and since the cars aren’t too small I’d probably only suffer a handful of burns. But wait, wearing a hundred metal cars on his chest and back for an entire school day may result in long-term damage to his spinal column. Though that would make for a 100th day of school he’d never forget, I may feel guilty about his life-long suffering.

He likes gum! I could glue 100 gumballs to his shirt. Easy! Quick! Yes, there would be more of a possibility for burns than the cars since they are smaller, but I could handle it. Then I envisioned him sitting in class picking them off and popping them into his mouth, dried hot glue and all. And then I envisioned other kids picking off the gumballs and shoving them into their mouths on the bus ride home from school. Once my vision had me thoroughly convinced it would be a potentially dangerous bus ride for my first grader with kids grabbing, clawing, and ripping his shirt to shreds all in the name of gumballs, I scrapped the idea.

He likes candy, but that posed the same risk of torture as the gum shirt.

If only I'd thought not to use REAL gum.

If only I’d thought not to use real gum. And was a gumball machine drawing champion.

He likes Legos! Again, we have at least a zillion so counting out one hundred and gluing them to a shirt would work. It would make for a pretty boring shirt, but it would get the job done. This was a definite maybe.

He likes money! I could glue 100 pennies to his shirt and call it a day. He’d be thrilled to walk around school all day with money on his shirt. But wait, in this age of swiping and signing, I don’t have five pennies on me much less a hundred. We don’t even have a change jar anymore like we used to back in the day. Now it’s pathetic with only a handful of Chuck E. Cheese tokens calling it home.

I could have gone to the bank and gotten 100 pennies, but my mind flew right past that idea onto the Dollar Store for some play paper money, which I thought would look more impressive on the shirt.

After returning home with a package of fake money, I pulled out enough one’s, five’s, and ten’s to add up to 100 dollars. I plugged in my trusty hot glue gun and the rest is 100th Day t-shirt history. Without any burns at all, I might add.

Only way he could possibly be happier is they were all real.

Only way he could possibly be happier is if they were all real.



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