Stop the hoarding madness!

My kids are savers. Not of money. Not of rare baseball cards. Not of any expensive collectible. Not of anything any sane person would look at and see value in, but savers of everything else. Paper airplanes they make. Sticks they find at the park. Plastic spider rings. Shoe boxes. Mini-heart-shaped, rainbow-colored plastic slinkies. Acorns. Temporary tattoos. Whistles. Pebbles. Deflated balloons. Obscure Lego creations (that were not built by following the instructions, for those who’ve seen the Lego Movie).  I could go on and on and on, but I’m thinking you get the picture. And chances are, if you have kids, then you’re living with your  very own miniature hoarder, too.

Knowing my kids don’t have the ability to sort through all of their meaningless junk by themselves and purge what is the most meaningless, I sift through their rooms with them once every month (or three) and help them get organized. In between our joint quarterly clean-ups, I secretly sneak in when they are away and toss out all the really useless, broken, and most likely toxic Made in China trinkets they’ve collected.

Though they all stash junk, my middle one is more of a hoarder of artwork he’s made and art supplies he uses. After my most recent organizing spree of tossing out all of his broken crayons, consolidating all his dulled colored pencils, bagging up his oil pastels, and sorting through his dried-out markers, I realized he needed a better system. I stumbled on some wooden crates not long ago and thought maybe I could make a unique storage system for his room, perfect for his art supplies, notebooks, and finished artwork. Well, I did, it works, and we’re both loving it.

Check out the step-by-step process in my most recent My Crafty Spot post if you’re in the market for a unique, new way to organize your stuff. It’s an easy project that’s less painful than a trip to Ikea, plus it has tons of creative possibilities.


Yes, that’s the human body model he requested for Christmas.


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