DIY wooden shim decoration

I’m ready for warmer weather. Really, really ready.

I’m in the mood to open all of our windows, clean out our closets and drop off a few Hefty bags full of stuff at the nearby thrift shop. I’m in the mood to dust every fan in our house, and maybe even the tops of the blinds and curtain rods, too. Forget the cowbell, I’ve got a fever that only a serious dose of spring cleaning will solve.

If you’re feeling feverish, like me, but cleaning isn’t your idea of a good time, check out this little project I just finished. It’s a super simple way to use up some creative energy, and the results are pretty cute, too.

I saw a decoration similar to this one at a store recently on sale for about $15, but you can make it for a fraction of the cost. It turns out it was so easy (absolutely no artistic skill required), I’m stocking up on wooden shims to use as a rainy day or summer/winter break project for the boys.


Here’s what you need:

Wood shims
Wood glue
Paint brushes

Pick up a package of wood shims at your nearby hardware store. You’ll find them in different sizes somewhere in the lumber area. They only cost a few of bucks, so I purchased a couple of different sizes since I wasn’t sure what I wanted.


Stack your shims to whatever height you want your finished decoration. I wanted a rustic look, so I offset mine instead of lining them up for a clean, even edge. Use wood glue to attach a couple of shims to the back to serve as braces and hold all the little slats together. My braces were too long, so I pressed the shims against the edge of the table to snap off the extra length before attaching them. Let it dry.


Flip your new wooden canvas over and paint it. I used random paint I had on hand, then allowed it to dry thoroughly before lightly sanding the brownish one a bit for a worn-out look.

Print a cute bunny from your computer (I used this one) and carefully cut out the shape with scissors. Position it on your wooden shim canvas and use a pencil to trace around the entire bunny. I found a stencil at Hobby Lobby of the one standing upright since I didn’t have much luck finding one that was the right size on the web. Tip: finding your stencil first and then gluing your shims to fit the stencil will save you much time searching for stencils. Live and learn.


Paint the inside of the shape with a decent paintbrush. Nothing too fancy or expensive required, but a higher quality brush will be easier to work with and yield better results.


Set the decoration against the wall or a stand it up in front of a few books for display; dab a couple of spots with hot glue on the back and attach a pretty ribbon if you’d rather hang it on the wall.

And since I know what you’ve been thinking since I referenced the cowbell, I thought I’d save you the time of searching for this classic SNL skit yourself.


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