It’s July 31st and we’re still homeless.

For those of you following the summer moving saga that is my life, I thought I’d provide an update.

So far I haven’t gone into too much detail regarding our move, but as anyone who has bought and sold a home or two knows, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. It’s mentally draining. It’s physically exhausting. And when you have kids in the mix who are great at sensing and responding to the energy you’re giving off, all of this multiplies exponentially. To regurgitate the details in text is not something I’ve really had the energy to do. I’m really not sure why I’m doing it now, besides the fact that there may be a handful of readers who are actually interested.

So here goes. After surprisingly selling our home in one day and closing on June 12th, we’ve been living at my in-laws house in a nearby city. Both my husband and I have been stalking homes on, the leading Houston area real estate website, ever since.

Day and night, night and day. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk.

We know everything there is to know about the houses for sale in the area we are looking. Like how long they’ve been on the market and the current per-square-foot going rate. We know if they need foundation work, if there’s been termite damage, or if the owners are going through an ugly divorce. You name it, we know it. We’ve done our research and I can honestly say I’ve never been so tired of doing something in my entire life. And that includes changing diapers and breastfeeding.

I have friends, who aren’t even house hunting, who search for fun in their leisure time. They are nice, normal people. They look like you and me. But instead of hoarding or overeating, they house-hunt obsessively. Commonly known as “HAR Whores,” if they find out you’re looking for a house, they’ll introduce themselves as such and follow it with a polite giggle. They aren’t offended by the title, but often strangely proud.

I’ve gotten off track a bit, but before I move on I must say I’m thankful for the HAR Whores in my life and all the support they’ve provided me during this stressful time. They really do know their stuff.

To give you the abridged version of the past 6-ish weeks or more, we were outbid on a few houses before buying a beautiful home in a new neighborhood. But as the closing date approached, both my husband and I had increasing doubts.  It never felt quite right from the get go, but we were so eager to move we ignored our instincts.

After constantly telling my kids to listen to what their guts tell them, I decided to take my own advice. It was a costly decision to back out on the deal, but one we both agreed was for the best. And once it was decided, I felt so good.

The roller coaster continued, though, when we were outbid on another house shortly after that. We put in an offer on another house and then realized it didn’t even have most of what were looking for so we canceled it (losing no money that time) before finally deciding to hang up the house hunt entirely and rent for a while. We figured maybe we’d have better luck picking this back up next fall.

But before dropping off the rental agreement, we decided to look at one last house, and I knew as I walked through the door that I was going to love it. Our offer was accepted and we are now in the process of negotiating the details. Since it’s an older home, there are a few big ticket items that need to be repaired and if they’re not then we’ll walk. Tuesday we’ll know if this thing is a go. And if it’s not, que sera, sera.

That’s where I’m at now and where I should have been all along. I’m letting go, listening carefully, and letting things happen as they are supposed to. I’ve been preaching this to my kids their entire lives with the hope it will become second-nature to them in adulthood, but I don’t always practice this in my own life. So maybe all this is just a fun little test.

Luckily, I’ve always been pretty good at tests.

We are off today for our annual family trip to the river with some friends. Looking forward to leaving this summer moving saga behind for a  few days. I hope to have an update next week on our housing situation.

Whatever will be, will be.


2 thoughts on “It’s July 31st and we’re still homeless.

  1. Well written, my friend. Life isn’t always easy but I think you’re on the right track. Hang in there, this challenging time will soon pass. And for the record, I think your aced this test!


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