Halloween How-To: Add pizazz to your kid’s pillowcase

Last year was the first year my oldest insisted on using the tried-and-true pillowcase to collect all of his Halloween loot. Up until then, all three of my boys used the generic, orange, plastic jack-o-lantern buckets.
While these weren’t necessarily cute or creative, I liked the fact that they were relatively small and would fill up fairly quickly. The small space they provided helped regulate the amount of candy they could receive and the amount of time we’d be out walking the neighborhood.
The pillowcase, while convenient, is basically like a bottomless pit, allowing for pounds and pounds of candy that could take all night to collect. Not to mention, using a haphazard pillowcase as a candy sack makes the crafter in me cringe.
With Halloween right around the corner, my oldest has already said he’s using a pillowcase again this year. Thanks to the desire my two younger boys have to be just like their oldest brother, they’ve decided to follow suit. So now all three have nixed the pumpkin buckets and demanded to use pillowcases.
Triple cringe.

Now it’s a cleverly disguised giant pillowcase.

Luckily, I managed to come up with a compromise: a slightly tweaked pillowcase. By doing no real crafty-type work (like sewing, painting, or gluing), I turned standard pillowcases into custom Halloween candy bags. It was so easy and the results were fantastic. Check out the full tutorial at My Crafty Spot if you’re feeling crafty!

photo 3_optphoto 4_opt
And a couple more blasts from the past.

4 thoughts on “Halloween How-To: Add pizazz to your kid’s pillowcase

  1. love your boys’s costumes and ideals!
    you are a supermom in my eyes-with your talent
    and perseverance! I had 3 sons myself(one in
    heaven now) but they sure were a handful
    when young :)


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