First things first, I’m a realist

It’s the first official day of Christmas break!

No alarm clocks, no packing lunches, no homework, no tests, no reading, no studying, no nagging my three little boys to get this and that finished so we can hurry up and get here or there on time. Absolutely nothing school or stress-related for a couple of weeks, only good times ahead.

thBut I’m no dummy. While this break may successfully be education-free, I know the stress-free part will only last a few days. (My prediction is for four, non-consecutive days of peace throughout the entire two-week break.) I may not be “the realest” but I am a realist, which is an essential attribute for anyone who works in the trenches of stay-at-home parenthood like me.

The wonder of the Christmas season will quickly fade, and when it does I’ll be left with three moody boys. They’ll annoy each other from across the breakfast table with only a glance. Camaraderie will turn to combat. There will be screaming. There will be crying. Fists will fly, punches will land, and doors will slam.

Remember this?

1.2So, to keep the impending outbursts to a minimum, I’ve found a few crafts that’ll hopefully distract them long enough for me to regain my sanity. I plan to break these out sporadically when the mood strikes me, or to redirect them before they strike each another. Whichever comes first.

The first is the DIY Snowglobe project I shared on My Crafty Spot last month. It’s easy and cheap. My 7-year-old really enjoyed making a few and my older two have asked to make theirs, but up until now we haven’t had any extra time.


My Crafty Spot

The next is a very cool looking Wood Shim Star from Katie at View From the Fridge. I still have some wood shims left over from my Easter wood shim decoration, and already have the paint, tacks, and yarn needed to complete it, but even if I didn’t this would be an inexpensive craft to make.The kids enjoyed making something similar at VBS this past summer, so I’m hoping the star goes over well. (By the way, wood shims are found in the lumber section at most home improvement stores for just a few bucks.)

diy-wood-shim-star-done2And the last is an ornament project I saw on Real Simple. All you need are clothespins, paint, and glue to turn ordinary clothespins into cute snowflake ornaments. I figure they’ll enjoy deconstructing the clothespins and then re-constructing them in a different way to make something new.

Real Simple snowflake

Real Simple

That’s my plan anyway. Feel free to make it yours, too. And here’s wishing a peaceful, emergency room-free Christmas break to all.

But, then again, I am a realist.


3 thoughts on “First things first, I’m a realist

  1. LOL I remember those days!! Now, with a silent house with occasional visits from adult children…I’ll take the fights, messes and joy of those crazy years! Enjoy every day with the very best job in the world, a stay-at-home mommy!!!

    • In the midst of the craziness I tell myself I’ll miss all this chaos one day, so thanks for reassuring me. ;) And I am thankful my kids are healthy enough to throw a punch–I say that to myself, too. I’m always looking for the bright side.


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