Minions with the Middle

Last week, as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from the Houston Press encouraging readers to enter their drawing for a chance to attend an advance screening of the Minions movie. Though I don’t typically enter contests or giveaways, this time I said what the heck — and I ended up winning two tickets.

Winning was cool, but having two tickets meant I could pick only one of my own little minions to go with me. Tough choice, but after much thoughtful consideration — the youngest is the only one who gets to spend a week at the lake this summer with the grandparents and the oldest is the only one who gets to see Jurassic World — my pick was the middle.

It’s rare I get one-on-one time with any of them anyway, but the laid-back, semi-reclusive personality of my self-sufficient middle one makes it easy for him to be overlooked if I’m not careful. I instantly had him in mind after finding out I had won, so I was really happy to find a logical way to justify my pick.

We attended the screening last night at a movie theater we had never been to, ate what we decided was the best movie theater popcorn in our history of eating movie theater popcorn, and failed at finishing the largest medium cherry ICEE in the universe.

Afterwards, we shared our favorite parts of the movie and agreed on Bob as our favorite minion. We talked about how comfortable the chairs were and then picked up a couple of packages of candy on our way out to bring back for his brothers.

It was a simple, yet unforgettable, night together. And a good reminder for me to say what the heck more often.


One thought on “Minions with the Middle

  1. That’s great! I know when one has more than one kid-it is important to spend some time alone with each child. I often wished I had done that-unfortuneately the job my dh and I both worked at- kept us working nights and working too many days a week…in my do over-I would have tried harder no matter how tired I was.


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