DIY: The Absolute Easiest Way to Update an Old Tray

I’ve had this tray, in this pathetic, half-finished state, for months. It’s been sitting on my bedroom floor, first collecting dust, then miscellaneous scraps of fabric and Nerf gun bullets, and most recently the kid’s Easter baskets that I’ve been too lazy to haul back up to the top shelf of my closet. IMG_8442 The tray is actually the top to an old table, and turned into a Christmas craft project nightmare. After painting and distressing it, I decided to add Christmas-themed paper to the to the bottom. Unfortunately for me, the cutesy paper I chose was way too thin, which made it bubble up like popcorn was popping underneath. It was impossible to smooth out without ripping so I tore it all off and tossed the tray aside.

Recently, I had the idea that fabric may be easier to use on the bottom of the tray than paper. And instead of permanently securing it with Mod Podge I decided to use tape, making it easy to swap out the fabric between seasons or holidays, or to customize it for use in any room in the house. IMG_8471 It was the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. No lie. IMG_8535_opt Get the how-to in my most recent post for My Crafty Spot, then get going on your own.



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