Pipe shelf tutorial

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DIY magnetic pegboard

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my refrigerator ever since we jumped on the stainless steel appliance bandwagon 10 years ago. While I love the cool, sleek look is has to offer–that is, in the rare times it’s actually free of my kids’ dirty fingerprints and water droplets courtesy of the in-door water dispenser–its’ non-magnetic property has always annoyed me.

With 3 elementary school-aged kids in the house, the amount of fridge-worthy art projects, graded papers, and class-related reminders that come home each week is enough to make your head spin. Especially if you have no fridge on which to hang everything. Though the chicken wire display frame I made back in December ended this battle in the kitchen, I’m now noticing the paper clutter problem in my son’s room. It seems I’m constantly trying to solve this first-world problem of mine.

With the hope of ending this once and for all, I came up with yet another way to display papers and store art supplies. Check out my latest organizational solution–a tough-looking magnetic pegboard— I shared over at My Crafty Spot. It’s cute, it’s functional, and it’s such a hit that my other two have requested one for their rooms.

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