Pinterest: Where everything can become anything, again!

‘Tis the season for Pinterest-inspired projects, am I right, people?


From the obligatory Christmas cookie recipes and the best make-ahead French toast you’ve ever eaten to 43 clever ways to stage your Elf on the Shelf and how to make holiday pallet signs, Pinterest has got you–and all of your holiday needs that you didn’t even know you needed–covered.

Did you know you can make Christmas lights out of  leftover shotgun shells and Santa Clauses out of your empty wine bottles? Nothing is more resourceful or classy, I say.

Want to get rid of all that extra burlap you have lying around? Who doesn’t! Use it to make garland that is so ridiculously easy you’ll have plenty of time to finish arm-knitting those scarves for your teacher gifts. After all, arm-knitting promises to take so little time that you can whip up a scarf before you even leave to go somewhere. (Well, that’s if you have the yarn already on hand, hahaha!)

And if you’re not the do-it-yourself type, you should, at the very least, consult Pinterest for wardrobe ideas before your family holiday photo shoot. After all, a meticulously planned and color-coordinated (but never identically matching!) happy family on your annual Christmas card shows your loved ones that you really do have it all together. Once a year, at least.




And after you’re set for the holidays, don’t forget to hop on Pinterest for tons of super easy DIY projects that’ll transform your sleek, suburban house into the rustic inside of a dilapidated, old barn!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this door is not going to turn into a sofa (or a bookcase, or a headboard, or a bench, or a coffee table, or a picture frame, or a kitchen island, or a desk, or a swing, or a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl) all by itself.

Happy pinning, as they say.


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